Woman-Authored Scifi Recommendations

January 29, 2016

I spent about the last half of 2015 reading only woman-authored scifi. I’ve had a lot of people ask me for recommendations. I’ve been keeping my book lists on goodreads. But, I thought I’d put some here (I’ll update as I think of them). I don’t have time right now to put up reviews of them, but these are ones that I would recommend.

Standouts (go read these now)

Others of Note

Not Technically Sci-Fi but I enjoyed

Common Answers to Common Questions

What’s Next

This was a great way to expand the currently incredibly list of authors I know about. Right now, I’m finishing up The Void (Peter F. Hamilton, a dude, but I started it after the new year on a recommendation from someone). After this, I’m diving back into my constraint-based discovery of awesomeness by enhancing the constraint: woman- and POC-authored. I recently attended a presentation by Floyd Webb on Afrofuturism (including this timeline), and it solidified the realization that I’ve been missing out by settling for the usual, “Amazon recommends this white guy based on your reading of this other white guy” list of books. If you have great suggestions, please send them to me. First up, some Octavia Butler!

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